Fight Direction and Violence Design

20181108_194630Swords fights, intricate duels, assaults, beatings, domestic altercations. Though vastly different from one another, each of these components of a play requires precise choreography and can benefit from the input of a highly trained movement professional.

Whether you are working on a production that involves one or more of these elements, or hoping to teach the fundamentals of Screenshot_20190324-123732_Dropboxhow fights like these are accomplished to your students, I would love to help you meet your needs.

Violence is a very real part of life, and thereby an important part of theatrical representations of life. I believe there is a moral obligation to create staged violence that is true to reality and emotionally affecting; an audience should never walk away from a fight on stage feeling wholly comfortable. It is my intention always to approach fight direction in a way that is emotionally driven aDNAnd honest to the character, as well as being in tune with the needs and aesthetic of the production as a whole.

Please contact me to discuss how I can help you or your production move forward; with an understanding that not all budgets are the same, regardless of where yours may fall, I am committed to providing high quality fight direction services.