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The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, October-December 2020

“As the White Witch, Brianna Johnston makes evil look so beautiful…”; “Johnston doubles as the fight director for this show, choreographing some realistic and exciting skirmishes”

“I loved the mix of cruelty and cunning that she brought to the character… I thought Johnston commanded the stage exceptionally well…”


The Three Musketeers, March-April 2017

“masterful… all the while injecting plenty of action and humour…”


Richard III, September-October 2016

“…such an uninhibited performance that it adds a whole new level of seductive evil…”

“…Brianna Johnston’s Catesby was powerful, commanding…”

“… power also courses through the production, in a series of brilliant performances…”

Theatre Review: Richard III

“…leading ladies include… Brianna Johnston as Catesby…”–which-will-come-in-handy-for-richard-iii


The Crucible, October-November 2015

“…solid-as-a-Plymouth-Rock production…”

“…a genuine triumph…”

“The town of Salem comes alive thanks to exceptional performances from both veteran and emerging actors.”

Theatre Calgary Stages Powerful Revival of Miller’s The Crucible

“…outstanding onstage performances of all 19 cast members…”

“…a slow burn of tension…” 

“…as relevant today as it was when Miller wrote it 60 years ago.”

“Miller’s classic drama feels utterly contemporary…”

“Fear is the real villain of the play…”


The Money Shot; September 2015

“Johnston has a scene stealing moment…”

“Johnston plays Missy, the bubblegum actress (with the mouth of a sailor) with delight.”

LaBute’s The Money Shot Takes Aim at Hollywood, Fame

“…talented cast turn Labute’s darkly funny words into a Hollywood comedy that may make you want to swear off Hollywood…”

“…Johnston does a great job…”

“…joined on stage by… a trio of talented actresses.”

“…visceral, honest and truthful…”


Polonius and His Children; June 2015

“Johnston … is truly in synch with her character.”

MacAlpine’s Polonius and His Children Delivers Intense Family Drama


Goldilocks and the Three Bears; May 2015

“…If the kids were to rate it out of 5 they would for sure rate 5 out of 5.”


The Bone House; October 2014

“…her fears worked like a contagious yawn.”

“…oozes walking nightmares…”

“The Bone House is Terrifyingly Immersive Theatre.”

“…a spine-chilling immersive theatre experience called The Bone House…”

“…perfect for those who like a fright come Halloween season.”


Romeo and Juliet; June-August 2013

“Love is in the air at Mount Royal University’s outdoor amphitheatre and will be all summer long…”–juliet-at-mount-royal-university


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