Emerge Edmonton
MRU Class of 2013 at Emerge Edmonton

Mount Royal University, Theatre Arts Diploma, May 2013

Acting: Ian Prinsloo, J-P. Fournier, Joe-Norman Shaw

Movement: Glenda Stirling

Voice: Jane MacFarlane

Singing: Dr. Reid Spencer, Tom Doyle

Stage Combat: J-P. Fournier


Workshops and Other Training:

Stage Combat: Karl Sine, September 2012

Karl Sine and Haysam Kadri, May 2013

AFDC Nationals 2014: Todd Campbell, Siobhan Richardson, David McCormick, Karl Sine; July 2014

IOSP Paddy Crean Workshop:  Jacques Cappelle, Ian Rose, Adrian Young, Spencer Humm, Michelle Ladd Williams, Daniel Levinson, Kristoffer Jorgenson, Kevin McKurdy, Carrie Thiel, John Lennox, Ruth Cooper-Brown, Casey Kaleba; December 2014-January 2015

AFDC Nationals 2015: Ian Rose, Todd Campbell, Karl Sine, Laryssa Yanchak, Patrick Howarth; July 2015

Commercial Voice Over: Christian Goutsis, February-March 2016.

Manners of the Mandate (Victorian Etiquette): Sherry Flett and Guy Bannerman, February 2015

Alexander Technique: Kelly McEvenue, May 2013

Voice: Betty Moulton, May 2013

Shakespearian Language: Terry Tweed, May 2013

Mask: David Latham, May 2013

Baby Clown: Nicola Elson, November 2013

Baby Clown Workshop

Movement Creation: Anita Miotti, January 2014

Raucous Caucus: Alberta Theatre Projects, February 2015

Playwriting: Geoffrey Simon Brown

Projection Design: Tyler Klein Longmire


Workshops and Performances through Calgary Young Peoples Theatre


Directors and Instructors including:

Christian Goutsis, Anton DeGroot, Artur Ciastkowski, Kathryn Osterberg, Mat Mailandt, Jason Long, Kristen Eveligh, Gillian Webster, and Brian Dorscht


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