FDC Fight Director: August 2020
AFDC Fight Instructor: August 2018
AFDC Advanced Actor Combatant: August 2015
AFDC Intermediate Actor Combatant: July 2014
AFDC Basic Actor Combatant: May 2014

Mount Royal University:

Stage Combat Basics with J-P. Fournier
Fight Direction for shows by Karl Sine, J-P. Fournier, Byron Allen


IOSP Paddy Crean Workshop – December 2016-January 2017

Casey Kaleba – Dynamic Movement in Fight
Jonathan Howell & Andy Fraser – Characterizing the Fight
David Boushey & Michelle Ladd Williams – Fighting for Film
David Doersch – Cutlass
Maestros Ramon & Jeanette Martinez – Historical Italian Rapier and Dagger
Rick, Sean & Daniel Skene – Soft Prop Replicas, Flashy Spy Moves, Set Ettiquette
Jared Kirby – Found Weapon
Bo Thomas – Fighting in Small Spaces
Nigel Poulton – Dynamic Longsword
Bryce Bermingham – Martial Arts for Film
Christina Traister – Acting the Fight
Robert Najarian – Big Weapons in Small Spaces
Ruth Cooper Brown – Stage Combat Realism, Trips and Falls
Peppe Ostensson & Oula Kitti – Dramatrugy of the Fight

Bullwhip Basics – January 2016

Jeffrey Olynek

AFDC Nationals – July 2015

Ian Rose: Small Sword
Todd Campbell: Rapier and Companion
Karl Sine: Sword and Shield
Laryssa Yanchak: Found Weapons
Patrick Howarth: Armed Martial Arts

IOSP Paddy Crean Workshop – December 2014-January 2015

Jacques Cappelle: Rapier and Dagger
Kevin McKurdy: Knife Fighting, Ground Fighting
Adrian Young: Gun Disarms
Jeff Thomas: Wire Work
Michelle Ladd Williams: Performance Capture, Stunt Fighting for Women (working in skirts and heels)
Carrie Thiel: Performance Capture
Daniel Maendel: Performance Capture
Ruth Cooper-Brown: Torture Techniques
Casey Kaleba: Environmental Sword, Broadsword and Knife
John Lennox: Inca Animal Styles of Martial Arts
Ian Rose: Rapier, Longsword
Spencer Humm: Quarterstaff
Daniel Levinson: Rapier
Kristoffer Jorgenson: Viking Shield and Sword

AFDC Nationals – July 2014

Todd Campbell: Smallsword
Siobhan Richardson: Longsword
David McCormick: Mixed Martial Arts
Karl Sine: Rapier and Dagger

Shakespeare in the Park Stage Combat Basics – May 2013

Karl Sine and Haysam Kadri
Basic Unarmed Combat, Basic Sword Work


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